Seta-related Services

UBUHLE delivers a SETA related consulting service to clients. It includes the following:




In order to qualify for mandatory and Setadiscretionary grants from any Seta, the company has to appoint a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF). A  SDF is a person who will ensure that the company’s Workplace Skills Plan is completed and submitted to the Seta timeously, and thereafter also implemented. The SDF also co-ordinates & project manages all the training implemented. UBUHLE has extensive experience in SDF Services.


UBUHLE also conducts skills audits within companies.  This entails doing a detailed survey with regards to your employees’ job description and their present job performances.  Any gaps between actual performance and required skills to perform productively and effectively will be noted.  These gaps can then be filled with specific training interventions.  This process should be an all-inclusive one. The employer should consult with all the employees or employee representative, irrespective of the levels or rank in the company.
UBUHLE has extensive experience in conducting skills audits.


The next step is compiling a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) for the company. A Workplace Skills Plan is a strategic document that articulates how the employer is going to address the training needs identified in the skills audit. The appointed SDF completes and submits this document on behalf of the company to the relevant Seta. This will ensure that the company can redeem up to 50% of the mandatory grant available from the Seta.  The compliance of the above also assures that the organisation will be able to apply for sponsored training should the Seta make funds available.

The WSP needs to be submitted to the Seta, before or on 30 June every year.  If you have not handed in your WSP by then, no claims can be made.


Once the WSP has been submitted, the company must report on its training conducted as set out in the WSP, by the end of the training year (June 30 of the next year).  The reporting is done on the Annual Training Report document.  This document is submitted to the Seta either quarterly or annually.  Once reporting on training has commenced, the Seta will then pay back 50 % of your skills levies proportionately.


UBUHLE also assist the company in applying for Discretionary Grants made available by the Seta and can also represent the company on Seta forums.

The following services are also included in the costing of UBUHLE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES:

  • Sourcing, appointing and managing accredited training service providers to conduct the training as outlined in the Workplace Skills Plan to ensure certification of the learners
  • Delivery and project management of learnerships. and assist with the management and auditing of these learnerships and ensuring the proper assessments of the learners on the learnership.
  • Up to R60 000.00 tax rebate per learner can be earned for organizations that participate in learnerships.  UBUHLE will oversee and advise.
  • Coordinate all the training to ensure the correct implementation of the training, as outlined in the workplace skills plan in a cost effective manner.
  • Obtaining records of all training conducted to act as evidence for the compilation of the Annual Training Report
  • Advising and assisting in obtaining Discretionary Grants from your relevant SETA for training interventions
  • Record keeping of all training as proof, in order to achieve 20% skills development requirement for BEE rating
  • Establishing & managing of Training Committees for Organizations with 50 or more employees.


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